Brightness/Value in color picker

Couldn't find this already requested when I did a search, but it would be very useful to have the brightness/value in the color picker. I tend to find this more useful than lightness. Like photoshop, Pyxel could perhaps have both HSL and HSB in the color picker?


  • I support this request, I do not tend to use the HSV colorspace particularly much myself in other programs but I think the option should be available nonetheless.
  • In what situations is HSB more useful? I guess it gives a higher count of unique colors in the color chart (since pure white takes up a whole edge in HSL), and it might be more intuitive also?
    I'm not sure about adding another set of controls in the color chooser, but I'll consider switching to HSB if the reasons are good enough.
  • We don't necessarily need a whole new control. Simply another field/slider for brightness would be useful for comparing the values of colors.
  • Saturation is differently defined for HSL and HSB (hue is the same), but I suppose it wouldn't be that hard to add an indicator for value (it's just defined as the maximum of R,G and B). I'm a bit afraid of making the color chooser too complex though.
  • Resurrecting an old thread here, but I hadn't seen your response before. Wikipedia says that the definition of saturation is different, but that's not exactly true. It's the combination of hue and lightness vs hue and value that creates the different result, but actually for any given HSL color, there is a visually identical HSB color which has both the same hue and saturation as the HSL color.

    A couple of years ago I wrote a "abstract" class in Haxe which in memory is stored as a single integer encoding its ARGB value. From this value, I made it so that you can "instantiate" (pretend instantiation seeing as the type is primitive and not a "real" object) a FlxColor from ARGB, CMYK, HSL and HSB parameters. Furthermore, you could then access and manipulate any one of these properties, alpha, red, cyan, saturation, value etc...

    The saturation is consistent for both HSL and HSB. One consequence is that often changing single values such as saturation affects other fields, for example, increasing the lightness from 0.5 to 1 which also reduce the saturation down to 0. Another consequence is that sliders can become "locked" in that they have no meaningful values to slide to. For example straight black has no hue, so you cannot increase the lightness or value because these require a hue to work from. This can be remedied by simply having default values attached to required values for sliders, although I never implemented this in haxe.

    To see my system in action you can view the HaxeFlixel demo here: Page 2 of 5 illustrates how all of the individual parameters can be accessed and modified, even though the underlying type is a single int.

    Photoshop provides something similar, and I certainly think brightness is an important feature to include. Selecting colors by lightness can be pretty inconvenient due to the impact it has on the saturation.

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