Activation key invalid

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hi! i just bought pyxel edit, but it seems it wont accept my activation key. Anyway to get a new one?


  • Hi Storken,
    There is a bug in the current version that makes the key validation fail if there's a space at the beginning or end of the name. I changed your registered name (removed the space), so if you grab a new key now it should work!
  • I'm also getting the Activation key invalid error, I think I may have put a space after my name as well.
  • Hi Hiromu656, yes you are right. I removed the space so it should work now.
  • Just bought pyxel edit and the invalid key popped up for me might have done the same thing and spaced it.
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    Hi QuillDogg

    Make sure to follow the activation guide, and copy everything.
    My key doesn't work!
    The activation key should look like this (including the first and last line):
    Some name
    If the key you are using looks like this:
    then you need to use it on this page to get the activation key:

    Download and activation guide when buying using the Humble Widget:
    Pyxel Edit activation guide

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