Resize tile removes all image data

LeminnesLeminnes Posts: 1
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I don't know if it counts as a bug, but it is HUGELY frustrating (and upsetting at the moment since I just accidentally did it.)

I had a 4x4 grid of sprites sized 32px by 32px. I wanted to resize the tiles to 128px by 32 px so I did so, but I accidentally set it to center the content. Trying to fix my mistake, I resized the tiles back to 32px by 32px without clicking the keeping content in the center. Now it's all gone. Just have a 4 by 4 grid of nothing and I can't undo it.

I know this is my own stupidity for not saving more often, but it would be nice if information was retained in the file even when the tile is resized to something smaller than what it contains (if that makes sense.)

Also, why is it impossible to undo Resizing Tiles? That seems incredibly silly.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    Sorry about that. Yeah, this operation really should be undoable.
  • Hey I think I found a fix to this bug.  If you have been working with tiles that are a certain size and then you need to resize them, you click to resize, and all of your tiles then appear blank on the right side of the application.  If you click to add a blank tile, and then delete that new blank tile, all of your old tiles show back up (worked for me).

    @Danik I think the resize feature should be kept in because I was working on my spritesheet and the tiles were too small to encapsulate the animation of swinging a weapon, and the ability to resize the tiles allowed me to keep all of the work I had done to this point on my character.
  • SundropSundrop Posts: 7
    Just ran into this problem. Really hope this gets fixed.
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