Flipping while transforming is impossible

I'm constantly copy pasting things and want to flip them when I paste. When I paste, the pixels are in transform mode, but it is impossible to flip when in transform mode. Only flipping with the select box is possible. Surely this is not the intended design, right? My work-around is to select box something, flip it, copy it, then UNDO the flip action, then paste into transform mode. It feels truly backwards and I think we'd all benefit from being able to flip while in transform mode.

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  • First, you CAN flip an image using the transform box. It isn't a "snap" process, transform is a manual adjustment of the image, so the image can easily become skewed if you are not precise. But the image DOES flip if you drag the left side past the right side. (Or the top past the bottom.)

    Second, it sounds like you are taking more steps then needed to use the selection based flip...If the image you want to copy/flip isn't going to be removed or altered, there is no reason to flip it before you copy it in the first place. Thus no reason to "undo" anything. You can just flip the copy...
  • Hey Martith, thanks for writing back. You're right about being able to manually adjust by dragging left past right or top past bottom, but of course without a snap that is very inefficient and prone to errors.

    As for your second point, maybe I didn't make my situation clear. Here is a piece I'm working on right now:

    So obviously I could open my canvas more, and copy paste into blank areas, then flip them and move them, but I would classify that as extra steps I don't need to take. So unless I'm experiencing a bug, this is a rundown of my problems:

    1) If I select something I want to copy, but it is near other pixels, I can't CTRL F to flip first, because It will overlap other items:

    In other programs, I'm used to flipping only in transform mode, so of course I select my pixels and hit copy paste to avoid this first problem. But that's when I discovered my second problem.

    2) The moment I paste my copy, the copy comes already set to transform mode (good!). But attempting to use CTRL F does nothing in transform mode. If I click outside the transform box so it goes back to selection box, I have essentially laid down my pasted pixels. I should be able to flip while in transform mode so I can just move my pixels around without concern of them being laid down.

    If this doesn't make sense lemme know and maybe we can jump into a discord or something. I feel like copy/paste/flip is so common in pixel art creations that I'm surprised more people aren't experiencing my problem. Then again, maybe I truly have a bug.
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    As far as i know it's not a bug that you can't flip a selection using ctrl+f while in transform mode
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