New forums

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Hi and welcome to the new forums!
Hopefully they will work better than the previous one for questions and discussions about Pyxel Edit.
See you around!


  • hi, i just want to buy this software is there a date for the beta version?...

  • Hi Zackan,
    I'm aiming for around September 1st, if I can figure out all the issues of how to handle payments etc.
  • hi, ok i ll be in touch

  • Hopefully you can manage to find a way to deal with payments and such. There should be some merchants that are indie dev-software friendly, perhaps even the same ones that some indie game makers use?

    Like the new site and forums, looking pretty sleek.
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    Hello ! Don't forget to post it on tigsource, I'm sure a lot of dev/pixel drawers will follow. Oh and i don't see any link to get back to the main website when we are on the board section. 
  • Thanks Thndr!

    Delkaes, I have a thread at tigsource although I haven't posted in it for a long time. I will probably post when it's available to buy. I will add a link back to the main site, thanks!
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