Copy Multiple Layers

I've recently started working on a character for a game where I split up all body parts (arm, leg, torso etc) into different layers. I do this to easily animate each body part without the need to think of what pixels are visible "because the right arm covers the torso", for example. For every frame I have to make I must copy from each and every layer all the time (takes a lot of time) to the next frame. Mistakes easily happen where I copy a right arm into the Left Arm layer for instance....

I would like a feature where you can select a frame and copy ALL layers over into another frame without copy all pixels into a single layer. I would like the Right Arm layer to still have the right arm etc etc.

I have tried to look this up but haven't found anything about this. If someone has the same issue as me, how have you solved it or do you have another strategy now for drawing and animating?


  • you can use the animation frame manager tool to do this
  • WalleWalle Posts: 2
    I had to look for a while to find this, and I finally found it! 

    Thank you for replying Eleanor
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