copy paste bug* at 8191 pixels wide, copy paste no longer works

Attached is the second file I made to make sure that the file I was originally working with was not corrupted in some way, but the issue repeated itself at the same width.

I have not tested if the issue happens at a specific height.

While testing to see if making large animations was possible in Pyxel Edit for a video game project that a friend of mine and myself are doing, I came across this issue. At 8191 pixels wide, the copy/paste function would no longer work, there was a hard cutoff. But I could still use other tools past that point to draw pixels. Pencil, Rectangle, Circle tools all worked. Specifically on the 8191 pixel, the pixels begin to become more transparent as well.

I tried going through the layers to make sure I did not have some weird object covering the layer, but no luck.

This is the original animation export I was working with. You will see the point that the red lines show up. At that point is when I could not longer copy anything, and paste it back that point. But as i mentioned above, other tools still functioned normally. So it may even be isolated to a pasting issue past that pixel range. The width and height for the below image btw is 320x180.

This could obviously be a completely different issue and I am very much missing something and am just dumb and blind! This is how I am seeing the issue right now though after spending some time fiddling with the problem.

All of that aside, I rarely ever bug post on anything but I absolutely love your software and thank you for it. I feel it's a quality product and recommend it all the time!


  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    Hi noobk, thanks for the report. I was able to confirm the issue so it's definitely a bug. There are some limitations on image sizes in the platform the application is built on (Adobe AIR), so I don't recommend making images larger than 8000 pixels wide or high. If you need to make long animations with very large frames I recommend using multiple rows of frames in the canvas.
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