Every time I restart my PC and open Pyxel, it asks me for my activation key

I am sick of copy-pasting it.


  • eishiyaeishiya Posts: 1
    edited January 2021
    Bumping because I recently started experiencing this problem too. Every time I open Pyxel Edit, even if I haven't restarted, it prompts me for my key.

    Version: 0.4.9 Runtime: WIN 33,1,1,217, 64-bit

    I did not experience this in the past, the problem started after I reinstalled Windows 10 and Pyxel Edit on my PC after a hard drive crash. Since the OP posted in 2019, I doubt the problem is related to a newer Windows version. Unfortunately I don't recall whether I was using 0.4.9 before or not. I may have been.

    I wonder if perhaps the installed version somehow got compiled with portable-like activation? Pasting my key into Settings/LicenseKey.txt resolves the issue, but that file is meant for the portable version, whereas I am using the installed version.
  • ToqueToque Posts: 30
    I tried the fix given on my Mac and i could never figure it out.     I copy paste from a note.     Doesn’t really bother me.     Pyxel is running most of the time.  
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