Layers panel doesn't remember list position after creating a new document

I have a document with a fair emount of layers (50+) and am currently copy/pasting from the various layers into new documents.

After creating the new document and pasting the image, then going back to the previous document (where I copied from) the layers panel has reset it's position to the top of the list, meaning every time I copy/paste and go back I have to scroll all the way back to the bottom  (or middle etc) of the list to find the previous position of the layer I copied from.

The copy/paste operation doesn't have anything to do with the list resetting - that is just an example of my use case.

1) Create a document with a large number of layers so that the layers panel can be scrolled up/down.
2) Select the first layer at the bottom of the list.
3)  Create a new document.
4) Click the tab to go back to the original document.
5) Notice that the Layers panel list position has been reset and you will have to scroll all the way back down the list to get back to the layer you were working on before creating the new document.

The selected layer is remembered correctly, but the list position is always reset to the very top.
Could we please fix this to have the list positioned correctly for the layer that is selected when returning to the original document?

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