Paste from clipboard no longer works using new Windows 10 Snip & Sketch (Shift+Win+S)

I updated my Window 10 installation last week and noticed today that they updated Shift+Win+S to something called Snip & Sketch.

Since they did this using Shift+Win+S to get a screengrab doesn't work when trying to either paste the grab into a Pyxel Edit workspace, or when creating a new document and choosing "Use clipboard size" on the "single image document" tab - it gives the message "Clipboard does not contain bitmap data" when trying to do this.

Using Shift+Win+S still pastes fine in other apps (ie. Photoshop) but Pyxel doesn't seem to recognise that the clipboard contains image data in the form of a screengrab, although it did work fine before the Windows 10 Update to the new Snip & Sketch tool.

I use this feature a lot when editing as it saves a lot of time, so hopefully it's an easy fix.
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