TEXT Tool and Import ASE or other standart Color Palette

I'm sure this tiny looking software is great! But text tool is a must for me. And I really want to import my photoshop or Illustrator palettes or other color scheme/palette editors. Please add this features soon .


  • ixbayixbay Posts: 15
    uff It's hard to imagine it working properly on all sizes,  :sweat_smile:
    Just draw the letters, what the deal about it :smiley: it's fun to have your cool independent font :smile: .

    PS: Also note that you can easily export this font and add it to your game (if you are working on one) thru some font replacement process within a game engine like unity3d, ue4, monogame, gamemakerstudio2, clickteam fusion2.5, godot, many more

    Have a great day
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