Editor plays animations slower than exported GIFs


I have experienced problems where exported GIFs of animations plays faster than the in-editor playback window. I have done some test and i'm sure the in-editor playback window plays the animations 1/100th second (10% Frame time multiplier) too slow. 
Here are some steps to re-create this bug:

To recreate this problem:
  1. Select an animation in Pyxel Edit and set its speed to for example 100%
  2. Export the animation as a gif file
  3. Open the gif and compare it to the in-editor playback window. The gif is being played slithly faster. This can be proved by the animations being in sync at a certain time and then being off sync some seconds later. 
  4. In Pyxel edit lower the Frame time multiplier of the animation by 10% (100% -> 90%). The gif and the playback window is now playing at exactly the same speed.
This is an annoying bug, since we want the exported animation to look the same as it did in the Pyxel Edit Editor. 
I appreciate the work that is being done to make Pyxel Edit better, keep it up! 
- Sven
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