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So I searched and searched and found a few discussions about this topic but they seemed to be rather unclear or just dead. Now I love PyxelEdit because of it's design and features and the fact that it works under linux (32 bit version anyway).

Thing is, I really need the HSV color space and I will try to argument my request as well as give a few suggestions of how it could be implemented.

So why do I need HSV/HSB and can't just use HSL?
1.It's confusing. For a newbie like myself color theory is really hard. When I started using PyxelEdit I actually thought I was working in HSV and was wondering why I was not getting the same results as in the books and tutorials I was following... also, there are people out there who probably don't know that HSL exists (or don't care about it) and will describe the V and B as value, brightness, Luminosity, Luminescence ( http://pixeljoint.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=11299 ), which only adds up to the confusion.
2.It's the only software using ONLY HSL. In all the articles I looked, books I've read, tutorials I followed and software I tested the color space used is HSV. I could only find HSL in a single other place, and that's aseprite, but they have both.

I hope these two arguments are solid enough, and if you decide to follow up on this request then I also have a few ideas about how to implement this.
First, these two sites are useful to see transformations between the three spaces (RGB, HSV/HSB and HSL):
Then, as far as actual implementation goes, there's a first idea that is also used by aseprite, that actually separates the color spaces by using buttons (or one could use a drop-down list), but I prefer to have them side by side...

...which leads me to suggestion number two:

Thank you,


  • WHlTEHE4DWHlTEHE4D Posts: 3
    I agree with this completely. I can't stress how important this feature is to me.
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