Tiles not assigned(? not sure if that's the term). Please help!

??? How do I fix this? If I try to reassign the tiles, it gets rid of my progress...


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 620
    edited January 4
    Hi mlihua

    Not sure what the problem is from the image, my guess would be that you've hidden tile indices.
    You can enable this again by going to view->"show tile indices" 

    If you want to remap a tile or map a tile from canvas again, use cmd+click on mac and ctrl+click (if I recall correctly) on windows.

    You can always verify whether a tile has been mapped by enabling the "show tile indices". A mapped tile will show a number, while a non mapped tile will just be a dot.

    For more hints regarding how to use the tile placer tool, hover the cursor over the tool.
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