Saving always prompts the Save As

Whenever I am working on a file for more then a few minutes and then go to save instead of doing a simple overwrite save, instead I am prompted with the "Save As" file box which then I have to go and click save and it will ask if I want to over write the file. I just find this really annoying as it happens often when I just want to do a quick update save while I'm working. It's on the newest version 4.8 and I never had this issue on any other version. Anyone else notice this and if not is there a solution for why this is happening?


  • dmoadmoa Posts: 1
    yep, same problem here
  • Here to confirm the same problem.
    During the Save-as prompt, I thought I could just copy an established .png file, and save over that, but no such luck.

    File could not be saved.
    Error #3003
    If you have continued problems saving the document, you can dump the uncompressed document data to file (which I've been doing).

    Doesn't seem to matter what size the document is, I've been working on canvases between 16x16 px and 64x64.
    Is there any particular information the developer(s) need to help pinpoint the problem?

    I'm on a Wacom tablet running Windows 10 if that helps.
    Intel Core i7-6567U
    16GB DDR3
    NVIDIA Quadro M1000M 4GB GDDR5
    The same happen to me. Dont know why.
  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    Yes, the Save as prompt for a file that was recently opened is a but, I'm sorry about that. It will be fixed in the next release.

    @AeroDarryl, that sounds like a different problem. Is this with File>Save as, or one of the options under File>Export?

  • AeroDarrylAeroDarryl Posts: 2
    So in the case before, I was trying to "Export" as a workaround instead of trying to use Save/Save As, and I got that error above.

    This time, when I tried to intentionally "Save As" on my desktop using a copy of another png document, I got this error, but with more details:

    Error #3003

    Error: Error #3003
    at Function/<anonymous>()
    at com.myflashlabs.utils.worker::WorkerManager/onMessage()

    This is all weird, I'm not even sure what's going on anymore.
    I'm trying to do some testing with where and how I can save a file, and what methods I'm using.
    I was able to Save a file in one directory (C:/users/[user]), but saving to places like my desktop or documents was unsuccessful.

    I'll try and return with more information as I get it.
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