[0.4.7] Importing as "Tiled Image" names project, save / autosave replaces original image

O87O87 Posts: 8
Thanks very much for the latest update, especially the default output being the imported image directory- however as a result  the following problem now occurs:

When importing a picture as a Tiled Image, the active document takes on the image filename, which means any saves or autosaves made overwrite/replace the original image file with a .pyxel document without a confirmation dialog.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Pyxel Edit
2. Drag [yourFileName].png onto the application and import as a Tiled image
3. Click File > Save, or allow the application to autosave

The original image is destroyed and replaced with a pyxel project document called "[yourFileName].png", which requires renaming to "[yourFileName].pyxel" to allow it to be opened.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    That's pretty bad. Thanks for letting me know, I will release a fix asap.
  • O87O87 Posts: 8
    [0.4.8] Confirming fix, when following the steps above you are now prompted to make a new file when attempting to save a tiled image, this can be closed- many thanks!
  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    Good to hear! Hopefully I haven't missed any edge cases. This issue was serious enough that I wanted to get the fix out as soon as I could.
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