Selected color reverting weirdly bug(/feature request?)

InCreatorInCreator Posts: 12
edited July 2018 in Bug reports
I put a color into palette. I select it. 

Now I doubleclick it to change it, adjust hue, saturation, whatever. Click "OK". Extremely natural would be to expect that active color after this is newly adjusted one. Every program, from Photoshop to MSPaint works like so.

But it's not. It's still that old color. Only way to select "new" one is to click in palette. This is really unnatural behavior that probably throws off anyone ever used a painting software.

This needs to change, I think.

Also, why is my suggestion about transferring built-in "shading" options into palette ignored for 4 years straight?

It's not like palette system has gotten any love between now and then.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    That's a good point, and not hard to change. I'll fix that.

    Sorry about not responding to your old post, I have been very busy in periods and must have missed it. It's very true that the palette system can be much improved, and you have some good ideas in there.
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