Animation Frame Mananger Tool Edge functionality stopped appearing

Attached a gif illustrating my problem. The Frame Manager it supposed to have a little squished edge where I can insert a frame that will move all over frames over slightly, however that edge isn't appearing. 

This bug started when I had just started working on a very large file, I was able to use the edge tool there, however instead of pushing over all subsequent frames, it kept trying to overwrite the next frame and warning me this, broken functionality there. Suddenly it just stopped working all together, and now I can no longer get the edge to appear at all, not in that file, not in a new file, not if I restart pyxel. I am on 0.4.6 however it was doing this on an earlier version, I was hoping updating would fix it but it did not.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    Hmm, strange. I can't tell from the GIF, but is this inside an animation range? It will only do frame inserts inside animations. If you create a new small file, does it work there?
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