Can't install on my Mac

I'm trying to install (new install - version 0.4.6) on my Mac Pro (El Capitain) - but I can't install it. When I double click on the DMG file it says: The Following disk images couldn't be opened. Help :)


  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    Hi there, I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, but I suspect the file got corrupted so that the checksum validation failed. Did you download the file from Humble or
  • kaosnewskaosnews Posts: 2
    Downloaded direct from Pyxeledit (redownloaded it again today with no luck)
    I have downloaded 0.4.5 and that version worked.
  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    That's odd. The latest .dmg is created on High Sierra, but I don't think that would matter. What is the size of the downloaded file? Could you try downloading the one on your Humble page to see if that one works? They should be identical files.
  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    It appears that .dmg files created from a folder in High Sierra use the new APFS file system, which make them unreadable on earlier versions of MacOS. I have updated the .dmg file so that it has HFS+ format, so if you try again it should work.
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