Failing to download off main site

HurgHurg Posts: 2
Tried to download off the PE site twice now. Tried 2 different computers on 2 different days.

Keep getting 'download failed'. Doesn't seem to matter if I try the .exe or .zip, and it's affecting older versions too.

Tried in Chrome and Firefox. Also tried downloading the free version to check that it wasn't my personal link, but that's also not downloading completely.

Anyone else having the same issue/able to try downloading off the main site and seeing if they're also getting failed downloads?



  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    Hi there, did you manage to download the application?
    You can also download it from the Humble order page, maybe that works better for you.
    If you keep having problems email me at and I'll provide you with an alternative download link.
  • HurgHurg Posts: 2
    I went back to using an old version and forgot about this until now.

    Set myself up a new PC and went to reinstall PE by downloading it and it's still not working. I'll send you an email, though it's not a major issue as I still have an older version to work with.

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