Resize Canvas Anchor Points Don't Work

I have had this happen on both 0.4.5 and 0.4.6. I am on a macbook running High Sierra 10.13.5.

When using the Resize Canvas tool, if the anchor is set in the upper left corner, it works fine, removing or adding pixels on the bottom or right side of the canvas. But if I try to use any of the other anchor points, the canvas shrinks but then everything disappears from view (e.g. I just see a white square). If I try to save the file after one of these buggy canvas resizes, I get the following error message:

Error #2030

Error: Error #2030
at Function/<anonymous>()
at com.myflashlabs.utils.worker::WorkerManager/onMessage()

It's not a total deal breaker, as it seems like I can sort of accomplish what I want by adjusting the tile size and selecting "Center Tile Content", but this only allows me to either resize with a center anchor or with a top left anchor, when I would expect the Resize Canvas tool to accomplish this but with any of the 9 anchor points.

Increasing the document size using Resize Canvas seems to work fine, except regardless of where I set my anchor point, it always treats it as if it is the upper left corner. I can provide screenshots or more details if those would be helpful.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 870
    Thanks for the report. I tried to reproduce it but couldn't get the error to appear.
    I created a new document with a tile size of 32x32, 15x10 tiles large, then used Resize canvas to change the size using some of the different anchors, and saved without problems.

    I should say that there is a limitation at the moment that makes the tool a bit unintuitive. Tiles need to start with no offset in the top left corner, so resizing to a fractional number of tiles will always put the remainder on the bottom and right. This shouldn't cause any problems saving though.

    Any screenshots would be very helpful, and if you could send a document along with steps that reproduces the problem that would be perfect.
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