"Fill area with tile" tool

Would be very handy to have a tool that would fill all empty tiles in a contigious area with a selected tile (similar to paint bucket tool, except would use a tile instead of a solid color)
It is quite cumbersome to fill big levels with terrain tiles, so tool could save quite a bit of time while building them :)


  • ixbayixbay Posts: 13
    There is such a feature as example in UE4 when you create a new Tile Map ^-^
  • pkeodpkeod Posts: 3
  • AbePralleAbePralle Posts: 1
    +1. As an extension of the idea, how about letting certain tools work with both pixel brushes and tile brushes? I'd love to be able to use the paint bucket with pixels or tiles, draw rectangles with pixels or tiles, and use the pencil with pixels or tiles!
  • DanikDanik Posts: 764
    Yes, it's a really interesting idea, there are some similarities when manipulating pixels and tiles. I've had discussions before about having a pixel or tile-mode toggle that toggles what is manipulated, and it would be really exciting to try it out.
  • ShayShay Posts: 2
    +1 for that.
    Selecting, duplicating and moving a group of tiles will help a lot to duplicate existing tiles pattern.

    Thanks  for this great tool. 
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