My experiments :P

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I bought yesterday the app and i'm really in love because until now i have been using graphics gale, that is very good also but i don't like a lot it's ui and i think that is focused more on animation than design/paint. For the moment i have done one sprite only but i intend to prepare the graphics for a mobile game :)

Edit: I have advanced a bit this night ^_^ giving to my creature some yummy  flesh :P


  • Wow I really like it can you please make a speed-art/workflow ?
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    Sorry but i would not know how to make it because i'm not an specialist on artistic field and for example for create this creature i needed around two hours xD
  • MenayTime if you want I've put one speed-art on my channel, it was when I was using MS Paint but I am going to add some more with PyxelEdit. I'm definitely no pro but still. 

    Heres the link to my channel if you want to check it out 
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