Duplicating Tiles with multiple Layers

I have been creating a character with multiple layers in order to animate seperate parts. I thought I could just clone the tile and it would duplicate the layers along with it but I only get the initial layer. Did I make some mistake? Or is that just the way it works?


  • Hi again,
    maybe I need to specify this further. I set the first canvas cell to tile "0" and then I started creating my character. Which I eventually split into multiple layers in order to animate it along the line. I then duplicated the tile to the next cell on the canvas and it only duplicated the initial layer and not the others.

    Do I have to rfedraw everything else or should I redraw everything and the split it into layers before setting a tile?
    Thank you for any help in advance,
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    Hi rikki.o

    Sorry for the long wait to get a response, i accidentally missed your post.
    Currently it's not possible to duplicate a tile with all layer information contained. When you clone a tile, it only takes the current layer into account. You'll have to either copy each layer peace manually to the next tile, or use the copy merged option under edit->"copy merged" in the top bar and lose your layer information.

    Using the new "animation frame manager tool" It IS possible to copy the content of a tile to the next and contain all layer information. Right-click on the tile you want to copy, and left-click to insert it.

    A tip: if you don't know how a tool works, hover over the button and a tooltip will appear.
  • Thanx,
    I'll test it and let you know if it worked.
  • Thanx again, worked like a charme.
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