RxNES2 (Pyxel Edit Export Support)

Hi, Pixel/Chris, you may remember me..

I am the creator of the NES Emulator "RxNES".
RxNES runs old NES games with new 8x resolution .png graphics. :)

Today I spent over 12 hours coding Pyxel Edit JSON output.
I have gotten everything as close to spec as I have so far,
I believe the JSON is correct, however the pngs I guess aren't compatible :(

Unity3D has built in PNG output, and that is what I am using.
If any change needs to be made to the png output format on my end, I would have to add a PNG Library to my project.

I am hoping someone on the Pyxel dev side can make pyxel open my pngs / .pyxel .
I would also like it if you could see if theres any structure errors in my JSON output.

Here is a link to an example .pyxel from my Emulator :

All the files were output from hitting a dump button in my emulator, and then I zipped them with Send to... Compressed (zipped) folder.

Please, I cannot debug whats wrong on my end, If you can try to load it and give debug info, or make pyxel edit load it properly that would be great!

I will be checking this topic for a reply at all hours and fairly regularly.

P.S - if...

"tileRefs":{"0":{"index":0,"rot":0,"flipX":false},could be more like :

"tileRefs":{"0":{"index":0,"filename":"mypng27","rot":0,"flipX":false},that would help alot because I'm still trying to figure out how i'm going to rename the tiles from tile27.png to the game graphics md5sum ie : 786b6758a_.png. I am concidering outputting a .bat script in the folder that will rename the files on run.

     - Myles


  • MiLO83 Posts: 4
    I installed the newest version of Pyxel Edit and the JSON is alot different than the free version.
    I will update my JSON code tomorrow.
    If I can't get it working i'll msg here.
    I think I got pngs loading as well using the FreeImage Library.
    I'm too tired to type anymore.

       - Myles
  • MiLO83 Posts: 4
    My NES Emulator "RxNES2" now exports .pyxel screenshots, and after editing with Pyxel Edit,
    Loads the 8x resolution tiles back into the NES game! Huzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzah!
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