"Replace current color" bug

Hello everyone! I just registered on the forums, although I've been using PyxelEdit for some time (and I must say, I am very satisfied).
Now as the title says, I think there's a bug with the "Replace current color" tool. The tool itself works just fine, but what appears to be broken is the "Use all layers" option that displays beneath the toolbar; the tool replaces a certain color globally, i.e. on all layers, even when "Use all layers" is unchecked. For example I have two layers - let's call them "Base" and "Top" - and they share one color. I have selected this color and opened the "Replace current color" prompt, with "Base" as my active layer and "Use all layers" unchecked so that the color change is tied to "Base" only. Yet when I drag all those sliders and whatnot to change the color, both "Base" and "Top" have their shared color changed despite the "Use all layers" option being unchecked.
I have only recently discovered this bug, in the previous build (0.4.4). I have just downloaded the new 0.4.5 build after seeing that there's a new one and it also has this bug (not to mention the changelog mentions nothing about what I'm reporting), so I assume this is an oversight that hasn't been caught yet.
Thanks in advance! And once again I'm really satisfied with the program, even in its beta/unfinished state it's a wonderful pixel art tool that suits my needs :smile:
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