New export options

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Some of the new exporting options:


  • Nice! Looks comprehensive. I'm hoping to use PE together with 2d toolkit in Unity, so glad to see the option to export animation as separate files (at least, afaik this is the easiest way to get anims into 2dtk).
  • Thanks Bitbutter!
  • Great :). If you could add uncompressed TGA image format with the alpha channel holding the transparency that would be much appreciated.
  • Thanks ZeroSigma! I probably won't add support for more file formats for a while except maybe BMP, unless it's in high demand. Maybe in the future. :)
  • Seems complete for my use, great work o/
  • Good to hear, thanks Delkaes!
  • Hi, I just tried thefree version, very cool program! Will it be possible to export in TGA format also?
  • Hi digimorf

    No, it's not possible to export TGA
    The available formats are:
    png, gif, jpg, bmp
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