Is PyxelEdit still being developed?

I'm asking because I recently started learning pixel art and wanted to try PyxelEdit for it, since I got a paid version from HB. 
Looking at the changelog, last update was in March and they seem very stretched out. So here are my questions:

1. Is PE still in active development?
2. If yes, how many people are working on it? Are you looking for someone to help with development?
3. If not, have you thought about open-sourcing the project?


  • CandyFaceCandyFace Posts: 544
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    Hi TommyTheITGuy

    1. No idea, haven't heard from @Danik  for some time, though he still responds to message on his twitter, so I would assume yes. PyxelEdit is just a pet project as far as I know, so he usually only works on it when he feels like it.
    2. Only @Danik is working it
    3. I've suggested this idea before, ie. via github or something but last time he wasn't sure... though that was a long time ago.

    Try to ask him on twitter
    He's usually quite fast to answer there, compared to the forum which I moderate.
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