draw a line with 2 colors intercalated

is there a way to make this kind of line as shown in the picture.
I know there is a brush style but It doesnt seems to work or am I doing something wrong?


  • You should be able to achieve such a look by using this technique:
  • thanks!!!!!!!
  • Now , it would be awesome some tool like the replacer that use 2 colors and make the dithering , right?
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    Two colors? for what purpose would you want it to use two colors? The pattern is made up of 2x2 grid where 'x' is your main color and 'y' is none or transparent

    A official dithering brush or custom brush would indeed be very nice to have. Should such a feature ever get implemented, then switching color will become a trivial task :P
  • ok you are right , sorry for the 2 color feature , but I was trying to think this tool as the color replacer..
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