Pencil / line tool tweak

Hi there, have been loving Pyxel Edit.

Currently, if I want to draw a straight line with the pencil too, I have to hold down Shift and then left click/drag That's cool.

I would like it if, in addition to that:

1. Left click down, drawing begins
2. Mouse may or may not be moved a bit, which of course would start drawing pixels out
3. Left Shift is depressed (left mouse is still down), any pixels applied from step 1 or 2 are undone
4. Line tool preview begins, from the position left mouse was pressed in step 1 to the current mouse position

This means you can effectively slap a line down without consciously considering whether left shift or left mouse technically occurred first. I tend to push these buttons nearly simultaneously when I want to draw a line, so it's kind of 50/50 if I get the line tool going or if I end up scribbling across the canvas and having to undo and 'slow down' to make sure I pressed Shift first.

At the moment, pressing Shift after beginning to draw with the pencil tool seems to have no function I can see, so I don't think this would require removing anything to implement.

Maybe a bit nit-picky, but would be nice!
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