Some minor suggestions

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Just a few minor suggestions, mainly to improve the workflow:

-Automatically change the palette width when resizing the palette window (instead of the dialogue box).
-Add "select all" (ctrl+a).
-Add "Paste new image" to the Edit menu.
-Add jpg file format to "import palette from image".
-Add a "New document" "quick-button" which remembers the last used image or tile settings. (Alternatively as a menu option under File).
-Add a "save before closing" option when closing the program.
-Remember the save and export paths.


  • DanikDanik Posts: 784
    Thanks for the suggestions.
    Since a lot of people ask for a palette and tileset that resizes automatically, I should probably make it an option.
    Select all has been added for the next version.
    "Paste to new image" is probably a handy feature, I might add that.
    The problem with importing palettes from JPGs is that compression artifacts mean there are a lot of very similar colors. This might be worked around by merging similar colors, but the imported colors will always be slightly different from the original.
    I'll also consider the other things.
  • tieTYTtieTYT Posts: 16
    I have a minor thing to add and I don't feel like creating a new thread:  If you copy then paste, the pasted content appears where you copied the content.  That's good.  If you paste again, it appears in the upper left hand corner.  That's bad.  It should show up in the place you copied.  This is really annoying when you're working in a lower tile and you're zoomed in.  It means you gotta zoom out, find the copied piece and move it in the general area of where you want to place it, zoom back in, and then fine tune where you place it.  
  • DanikDanik Posts: 784
    Yes I agree, this behaviour has been changed in 0.3.105. Now it pastes at the selection if there is any, else it pastes centered in the viewport.
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