Larger Resolution Support

Now I understand that this might not apply to everyone, actually might only apply to a few people...

I enjoy creating pixel art in a lot higher resolutions. Recently have been using a document size of 5760x3240. Some people might ask why and the answer is simply because I enjoy the look of dithering over AA gradients....also I rather enjoy the challenge presented by this.

From what I've found PyxelEdit supports this easily enough...unless I attempt to do any layering.

The majority of the time that I attempt to do a second layer PyxelEdit throws an error allowing me to create a dump file and such... Whether this really belongs here in feature requests or not I'm not sure. It could very well be a bug as well.

My request is for PyxelEdit to support layers at such high resolutions. My current workaround is to save constantly and then before i make a new layer I'll save the document, close PE, reopen the document, create the new layer, save the document again, close, reopen, and then start working on that new layer. On one hand it slows production time down quite a bit, on the other hand it does keep me from working a few hours straight only to lose data.


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    Hi Ellathar

    This is a bug, layers should work in any resolution PyxelEdit supports.

    I have been trying to replicate this but without success. Since a single tiled document can't be made bigger than 4095x4095, I assume you're using tiles. Could you please specify how many tiles tall and wide your document is?
  • Each tile is 1920x1080, 3x3 grid
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