Move / Slide / Shift tiles

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Is there really not a feature that allows you to select and move mutliple tiles around in the document?
I just want to select a bunch of tiles in the editor/main window, and then slide them over, snapping to the tile grid so they occupy different tiles than they did.
Simple example: say the top row looks like this [0,0,1,2,3,0,0]. Now I want to select tile 1,2,3 and move them all 1 tile to the right so the top row looks like this [0,0,0,1,2,3,0]. Is there really no way to do this apart from selecting and placing each tile individually?


  • Hi darktriad

    Not at this moment i'm afraid, you'll have to move each individually.
  • Yeah, it's one of the main weaknesses of the program still. It's planned though.
  • Count this as a vote for the same functionality, albeit with the new Animation Frame Manager Tool!

    My implementation suggestion: make Shift + Right-click and Drag pick multiple frames, then make Left-click paste any picked frames sequentially, starting with the frame clicked (a bit like copy-pasting in Excel).
  • Honestly, this is one of the biggest missing features in the program right now imo. Awesome to hear that it's planned, hopefully coming soon!

    Loving Pyxel to death, but if you place a large set of tiles in a world or level chunk and realize that you need to move them all, doing so one by one is a massive headache.

    Even a simple box "frame slide" selection tool that grabs whatever tile IDs are in (within the selected layer) and lets you transform and confirm/cancel would be a massive help. Hopefully we will see something like this soon.
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